Barbara Dunn: Creative approaches to complex challenges
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About Barbara

Music TherapistI am a passionate believer in the power that music has to move people and to create positive change. I am inspired by Buddhist Psychology practices that offer practical tools for dealing with life's challenges and complexities, including mindfulness-based practices and empowering approaches to fear.

My educational path began with vocal studies and music therapy, which grounded me in music then led me to social work. It is there I learned more about therapy, social change, and advocacy. I traveled to the South Pacific to study ethnomusicology and learned about indigenous peoples and how other cultures use the arts to address societal and personal problems. With major conflicts exploding around our world, I wanted to use my knowledge of the power of music to heal and create change. This motivated me to engage in doctoral studies that explored the use of music as a tool for mediation. All along the way, I sang!


  • PhD – Conflict Transformation & Music, Union Institute & Univ., Cincinnati, OH, 2008
  • Diploma in Arts – Ethnomusicology, Victoria Univ. of Wellington, New Zealand, 1988
  • Master of Social Work, Univ. of Washington, Seattle, WA, 1987
  • Bachelor of Arts - Music Therapy, Psychology, Voice, Michigan State Univ., E. Lansing, MI, 1982
My clinical experiences encompass more than 25 years as a therapist in a wide range of settings, including private practice, hospitals, outpatient oncology, rehabilitation, home health, hospice, mental health centers, correctional facilities, nursing homes, and group homes


  • Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW)
  • Music Therapist-Board Certified (MT-BC)

Additional Training

  • King County Dispute Resolution Center ( - Mediation Training
  • Public Conversations Project ( - The Power of Dialogue
  • Arthur Hull's Village Music Circles ( - Weekend Facilitator Training

Affiliations and Awards

  • American Music Therapy Association 
  • Music Therapy Association of Washington
  • Professional Practice Award, American Music Therapy Association

 "What a lovely voice you are ... in many ways."
  - Patricia Campbell, PhD, School of Music-Ed.,
    University of WA

"Barbara is like sunshine!" - workshop attendee

For more information or an appointment:
Phone: 206-491-5047  Or see my Contact page